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Ethical Management

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Right pursuit of profits through
ethical management activity

We will fairly and transparently manage our business in terms of the
pursuit of profits, which is the ultimate corporate purpose, and will fulfill ethical and
social responsibilities as well as economical and legal responsibilities in order to receive all stakeholders’ reliability.

Why do entrepreneurs declare ethical management?

That is because ethical management is optional but is essential for corporate survival and competitiveness in the 21st century.
Many enterprises, which were once listed in Fortune 100 global companies, lost their reputation and their executives and
employees should lost their jobs when they failed to fulfill ethical management.

On contrary, many enterprises tided over a crisis thanks to their fulfillment of ethical management.
Consumers’ good evaluation can lead to a continuous rise in a corporate value..
The way to get recognized as an honest and reliable enterprise by customers, as a promising enterprise by shareholders,
as a good-to-work enterprise by executives and employees, and as a respectable enterprise by the public is to fulfill ethical management.

Code of Ethical Management

Responsibilities and obligations for customers
  • Have the belief that customers are the true foundation of business
  • Respect customers’ opinions always and create and offer the values helpful to customers constantly
  • Secure unconditional reliability of customers

Fair competition
  • Comply with local laws in terms of all the global business activities
  • Secure a competitive edge through fairness

Fair business
  • Comply with the principle of free competition in the condition that an equal participation opportunity for all the business is guaranteed
  • Pursue joint development through the establishment of mutual trust and cooperation in transparent and fair business

Basic ethics of executives and employees
  • Establish a right value based on honesty and fairness
  • Complete a mission through ceaseless self-development and fair job performance
  • Avoid the conflict of interests between the company and individuals

Responsibilities for the nation and society
  • Grow to a healthy enterprise through reasonable business performance
  • Protect shareholders’ profits and contribute to the public’s lives and social development
  • Avoid the conflict of interests between the company and individuals

Our pledge under the declaration of ethical management

In order to establish the culture of ethical management at work and
in everyday life and actively fulfill ethical management on the basis of
honesty, fairness and sincerity, we pledge to comply with each of the following:

We take the leadership in establishing ethical management according to the encouragement of executives and employees’ ethics and the compliance with the code of ethics.
We respect customers’ opinions as most as possible and keep promises for customers.
We pursue mutual development in the win-win growth relationship and fair business with partners.
We never manipulate documents and numbers and make reports impartially.
We establish the foundation of company order and develop transparent ethics of employees into a part of our corporate culture.
We ceaselessly develop ourselves to live up to the right people of Shinsung ST.